Make 3D Easy with Automated AI-powered Processing

Automated AI-powered workflows make it simple to scale content creation. Nix the boring redundant, highly technical parts of the creative process with automation.

MOD is an automated AI-powered customizable workflow to make 3D easy. 

MOD Tech Labs' automated processing

Human Imagination. Machine Creation.

Generate meshes or remesh with MOD Tech Labs
Texture optimization software
Export 3D model for Sketchfab and NIRA


Automated 3D mesh generation from images. Our AI does remeshing and mesh decimation, saving you time and headaches. Today is the day you say goodbye to tedious manual processes.

 Mesh Generation
 Mesh Decimation


Consolidate your photo to 3D processes into one automated workflow increasing the speed of textures, secondary maps, texture optimization, and reprojections in way less time.

 Texture Reprojection
 Texture Optimization
Secondary Maps 


Make  3D  for easy web viewing on the web including Sketchfab, NIRA, and glTF. Our universal file outputs are viewable on any device, program, or operating system.