3D Optimization


MOD creates universal 3D content for any screen at scale. Entertainment and media production is up to 99% faster with MOD AI-powered tools. Optimization is based on target devices including virtual production, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile, web 

Before and After Demos

Before After 3D model Texture Optimization before processing3D model Texture optimization after processing

Texture Optimization

Reduce the data size of a texture map without losing vital texture details. Using a convolution neural network (CNN), the MOD platform automatically scales textures and applies edge cleanup and optical crisping in order to retain an asset’s visual quality.

Before After Texture reprojection before processingTexture reprojection after processing

Texture Reprojection

Increase the resolution of an asset without increasing the size of the model. The MOD platform uses machine learning to automatically determine the best raycasting distance to which original textures are cast onto optimized or augmented assets.

Before After Remeshing 3D Model before processingRemeshing 3D model after processing


Automatically clean and optimize models using the MOD platform’s advanced machine learning algorithms—utilizing optical flow maps and silhouette retaining optimization with quadrated output.

Mesh Decimation 3D models

Mesh Decimation

Reduce the mesh size and technical cost of an asset. Using an automated point and edge reduction algorithm, the MOD platform reduces meshed face count.

Before After Mesh smoothing before processingMesh Smoothing after processing

Mesh Smoothing

The MOD platform uses automated algorithms to automatically smooth mesh edges while ensuring texture and silhouette retention in order to increase a 3D model’s visual clarity and fidelity.

Before After Level of Detail LOD before processingLevel of Detail LOD after processing


Create limitless levels of detail for any asset. Adjust the desired mesh and texture sizes of each LOD and automatically create all of the assets you need for your project at once.

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