Essential Plan

$20.00 / month

Hobbyists love our Essential Plan subscription because their budget doesn’t limit their creativity. Each Essential Plan subscriber gets access to all our AI-powered standard tools, including creating, editing, and viewing 3D models for one straightforward monthly price.



Create digital content automatically with AI.3D model scan of head

Design interactive 3D models of your products for eCommerce, optimize textures for photogrammetry, share your models on Sketchfab, and more – all without any special skills or messy, manual work.

Every Essential Plan has access to:

  • Full access to all standard tools including 1-click mesh generation
  • Modular workflows powered by AI and machine learning that are up to 99% faster
  • Cloud-based processing
  • 2 processes per month
  • Up to 4GB per project and up to 7 days of project storage.
  • Secure, private web portal
  • Universal .OBJ and .JPEG file output for use on any device, program, or operating system

The all-in-one toolkit for photogrammetry and 3D models.Upload images and videos for up to 99% faster processing

AI-powered photogrammetry tools automatically bring your 3D models to life at scale and in mind-blowing time.

Generate meshes, transform point clouds, optimize textures, with just 1-click using our all-in-one platform!

Create, edit, & view 3D models anytime, anywhere.3D scan objects and environments with MOD 3D Scanner

MOD 3D Scanner is a 3D scanning app for both iOS and Android. You can scan objects and worlds guided in augmented reality then convert and view 3D models, all with just your phone.

We process your scans in the cloud, so you never have to worry about draining your battery or bogging down your device.

The best part? MOD 3D Scanner can automatically upload your finished project to Sketchfab without you ever lifting a finger!