MODern Times with a Nostalgic Touch
Remember the golden era of film when movie studios were kings, and everything was made in massive studios? Modern times call for modern tools, but the passion for the arts remains. Enter Mod Tech Labs, your newest partner in crime (and M&E production).

Spinning 3D asset of an elephant

Breaking the Code

There’s a reason they call it the entertainment industry – it’s about time, quality, and innovation. But when the process becomes as cumbersome as a classic reel of film, MOD comes to the rescue. We redefine 3D content creation and optimization, making it faster, easier, and not to forget, smarter. How? By automating the nitty-gritty, ensuring playback perfection, and delivering content that has a soul. Empowering creatives is the name of the game.

image of a laptop keyboard and a clapperboard that represents film production.
Collage of MOD Tech Founders, Alex Porter and Tim Porter

Our Origin Story

Over 15 years in entertainment and tech gave us a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of legacy tools and processes. And honestly? We weren’t fans. So we drew from our expertise, channeled our inner superheroes, and created MOD – to bring a touch of realism to digital realms. We embarked on a journey to up the ante for content at scale, all while keeping it simple and clean.

The Issues We (Help You) Dodge

3D content isn’t just about pressing ‘render’ and hoping for the best. Current methods are stretched thin – outdated processes, talent shortages, and an overly complex tech stack. But with MOD, think of it as having a savvy assistant who can get coffee, schedule meetings, and also code in five languages.

3D asset of graffiti on a street

Our Products


MOD Unreal Plugin

Bridging the gap between what’s created and what’s needed. Ensuring quality is uncompromised, no matter the platform.


Whether you’re looking to perfect a green screen shot or nail a crane shot, our suite of tools cater to every need.

Community & Beyond

At our core, we’re more than just tech. Partnering with organizations such as Girls in Tech and Seedling Foundation, we aim to build, educate, and support. With accolades from the likes of NVIDIA and Intel, we’re making waves, but our true pride lies in building a diverse, inclusive, and ethical tech landscape. Checkout some of our other partners and industry groups.

Meet the Brains Behind the Operation

Headshot of Alex Porter, CEO of MOD Tech Labs

Alex Porter, CEO:

A force to reckon with, Alexandria’s vision of fusing tech and creativity led to Mod Tech Labs. Designer by heart, tech enthusiast by choice, she’s the fearless leader we all need.

Headshot of Tim Porter, CTO of MOD Tech Labs

Tim Porter, CTO:

Developer extraordinaire and an excellent speaker to boot, Tim’s vast experience has sculpted MOD to resonate with the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

Our Story, Chapter by Chapter

Why MOD? Our Culture Pillars:

We’re not just here to make a product; we’re here to make a difference. To empower people to express their creativity and tell their unique stories through visual content, while fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Diversity isn’t just our strength; it’s our foundation. We value perspective and will foster a sense of respect, belonging and equality.

Leading from the front, with open channels and open minds. A Mod Tech Labs, we’re more than just tech. We’re storytellers, innovators, and most importantly, we’re part of the future of the entertainment industry.

At MOD, we’re positioned right at the intersection of technology and creativity. Using innovation as our guide, we’re streamlining industries and ensuring every piece of visual content reaches its maximum potential.

Transforming an industry from 60 frames a month to a blazing 60 frames a second isn’t just a leap—it’s a revolution. At MOD, we’re not just making tools; we’re crafting the future. For today’s industry leaders, our innovations bypass the mundane, catapulting them straight into the heart of creativity, faster and more powerfully than ever.

MOD winning the 43 North Competition in 2022

Keep up with the latest from MOD

Keep up with the latest from MOD