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3D asset of Tim from MOD Tech Labs

Mod Tech Labs is the company that creates the MOD software. They have created a software solution that allows clients to customize and simplify their content workflows. They create plugins for common tools used in the industry and products that are specific to different use cases like Virtual production and photogrammetry for example.

Our unconventionally curious, forward thinking, and passionate team pushes the boundaries of technology to make it simple to create 3D visuals for entertainment businesses. Empowering artists by reducing the technical barriers to scaling 3D content creation. Using deep tech to improve the quality and speed of delivery, powering creativity.

Making 3D content is complex, manual, & inconsistent. The convergence of real-time technologies means creators can go from 60 frames a month to 60 frames a second. There is a massive lack of tech talent to help companies scale their processes.  

Automation of processes that have been manual and technical that now use proprietary machine learning to increase speed and quality of content delivery. Including optimization, secondary maps generation, anomaly detection, process orchestration, and other factors that slow down delivery and require a technical team. By making MOD simple anyone can run the software and output content for any device from an LED stage to a cell phone.

Mod Tech Labs is exclusively working with Entertainment and Media companies at this time. However there is an opportunity in the future to expand across industries helping to digitize and optimize visual imagery data of many kinds which could include Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Medical, Transportation, Energy, and others. 

MOD is a software tool set for 3D workflows. It has been developed with over 90 microservices to date and counting. The MOD suite consists of tools that span content generation, cleanup, optimization, and delivery. MOD has plugins to other software to make it easy to use in an artist’s current workflow. The product packages are built for specific use cases or clients. For example the MOD Unreal Plugin for Virtual Production and the Photogrammetry Workflow using Reality Capture.

MOD makes 3D content that is faster and better quality for entertainment companies. The AI-powered automation enhances 3D workflows to minimize skill requirements, time, and costs for content creation allowing teams at stages, studios, and more to be more efficient and have greater capacity.

We have a plugin for Unreal Engine and we are working on adding more across the software space for other industry tools like Maya, Unity, 3D Studio Max, and more.

MOD Content Optimizer is part of the Unreal Plugin that automates real-time scene optimization making assets more performant and high quality. Built as a simple artist friendly tool that scans each scene to create a list of assets that can be optimized.  AI-powered processing matches stage profiles for the highest quality playback and the fastest delivery. Check out the demo here!

MOD Stage Scanner is part of the Unreal Plugin that creates an Optimization Profile for each stage to simplify consistent real-time playback. Our AI-powered tools scan your systems to match content specs ensuring consistent and high quality playback every time. Check out the demo here!

We are accepting applications for the Pilot program now. We will offer a three month pilot to just 5 virtual production stages starting in the Summer of 2023. If you would like more info please email hello@modtechlabs.com and our team will be in touch to set up an intro call.

Each plugin or product has different pricing depending how it’s being deployed: cloud, on-remise, plugin or others. The Mod Tech Team can also customize a toolset for an individual company for specific use cases as the MOD suite consists of tools that span content generation, cleanup, optimization, and delivery. Please reach out to our team to talk about your needs so that we can cater to you. 

You can reach out to us through our website by filling out the contact form or by sending an email to hello@modtechlabs.com or reach us by phone at 512-222-3986.