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Email us at hello@modtechlabs.com or call us at 512.222.3986
Our Essential plan starts at $20/month and includes two automation processes each month. A process is when you apply one of our tools (e.g., mesh creation, texture optimization, point cloud cleaning, etc) to your uploaded files. Our Advanced ($30/month) and Professional ($100/month) plans allow for more processes with larger file sizes and are great for business customers. We also offer Enterprise plans for companies who have custom needs, such as full API access and dedicated support staff. Please see our Pricing page for a list of each plan's features. Are you interested in our Enterprise plan? Please contact sales@modtechlabs.com, and we'll be in touch soon.
We define a process as applying one of our automation tools (e.g., mesh creation, texture optimization, point cloud cleaning, and more) to your file. You can apply multiple processes to a single file or a single process to multiple files.
Subscriptions are billed every 30 days. As an example, if you were to start your paid subscription on January 12, your next two billing cycles would be February 11 and then again on March 13. New automation processes are also added to your account on your billing dates.
We use PayPal to process all monthly payments. The PayPal platform accepts a large number of credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. In addition, PayPal also offers bank account transfers. Please note that you need to link a card or link a bank to your account before you can select it as a preferred way to pay.
New processes are added to your account every 30 days on your billing date.
At this time we do not offer the ability to rollover unused monthly processes.
Please update your new credit card information, billing address, and payment methods through your PayPal account. To get started, click here.
To upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account, please do so through your Account Settings on our website. If you cancel your account, you will have access to your remaining files until they expire in accordance with your plan, but you will not have access to MOD's automation tools and services after your cancellation date.
PayPal currently accepts payments in over 150 countries around the world. To see a full list of countries and regions, click here.
Our automation tools are currently available in English.
We do not have a referral system at this time.
If you’ve lost your password or need to reset it, go to our Account login page and click on “Forgot your password?” at the bottom of the login form.
Great! Please contact sales@modtechlabs.com or reach us by phone at +1 512-222-3986. A member of our sales team will work with you to develop a custom plan that fits your needs and budget.
Each account is tied to one email address and password. We don’t currently have the ability to add multiple users to the same account.
Yes. You can sign in to your account on different computers and devices, even if they use different operating systems.
Yes! Please contact sales@modtechlabs.com or reach us by phone at +1 512-222-3986. A member of our sales team will work with you to develop a custom plan that fits your needs and budget.
Our proprietary distributed processing allows our systems to share resources and split up projects into their most essential parts to maximize computing power. Doing so removes bottlenecks within our processing pipeline, which means your assets are delivered up to 99% faster than typical linear processing solutions. See how our automated processing works here.
Other photogrammetry software uses older, traditional processing solutions that rely on your computing power. We use advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to process creative and visual effects (VFX) in the cloud. Our automated processing gives us the ability to run multiple automation processes at one time, removing system bottlenecks, and finishing projects up to 99% faster than traditional linear solutions.
Photogrammetry is the process of using photographs of real-world objects to create digital 3D representations of those objects. It involves capturing multiple, overlapping images of a structure, object, or landscape. Photogrammetry has roots as far back as the mid-19th century where it was used to create topographic maps. In fact, for much of its history photogrammetry has been used surveying, archaeology, mining, and other industries relying on geospatial data. With the rise of immersive media and higher quality camera equipment, digital creators are now using photogrammetry to produce copies of static real-world objects, environments, structures, and 3D immersive environments. See our full suite of cloud-based photogrammetry tools.
The quality of the final output is directly tied to the quality of the input (i.e., garbage in, garbage out). It’s very important to plan ahead and ensure you capture objects with the correct lighting, camera settings, rig configuration, and background. If you’re unsure of the best way to capture an object or just need a refresher, we offer a volumetric video Quick Start Capture Guide that highlights do’s, don’ts, and best practices for your next project.
Whereas some photogrammetry and volumetric video software are used in one or two aspects of the digital content production process, our solution runs the full production pipeline. With our platform you’re able to generate meshes, apply optimization and enhancements to your file, clean up unwanted cloud points or capture data, and easily visualize your final files in a variety of formats. Other solutions require lots of time and are very manual. They’re dependent on dedicated processing machines and expensive in-house infrastructure. In contrast, our cloud-based solution relies on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to do much of the hands-on work. We use modern distributed processing that removes pipeline bottlenecks and delivers files up to 99% faster than traditional linear solutions. In the end, this gives you more production flexibility and saves time and money. Learn more about how our processing works.
Yes! The days of waiting on one process to finish before the other can start are over. Our platform simplifies the way you create visual content by combining multiple tasks into one automated pipeline. Get a quick overview here.
The beauty of our cloud-based platform is that you can access and use our tools from any Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android operating system. Heck, you can even mix and match systems if you’d like.
We output Photogrammetry files in both .OBJ and .JPEG file formats. Volumetric video files are output in .OBJ sequences. These output file types are scene-ready, fit seamlessly into your existing workflow, and can be used in any program (Unity, Maya, etc.), platform, or device.
Each of our subscription plans has unique upload limits set on a per-project basis. Our Essential plan file size is limited to 4GB per file, the Advanced plan has a limit of 6GB per file, and our Professional tier limits file sizes to 10GB each.
To keep your subscription costs low and ensure our cloud-based system can process your files as quickly as possible, please upload files to your account when you’re ready to have them processed. We do know that’s not always possible. Therefore, Essential plans may store pre-processed files for up to 7 days, Advanced plans for 14 days, Professional plans for 30 days, and Enterprise plans may store pre-processed files for up to 60 days on our servers.
Our processing time is in line with other solutions in the market. And just like other solutions, the total processing time is dependent on several factors, including, but not limited to, the file size, the number of images you've uploaded, and the particular automation processes you're running. We've built our unique solution for accurate and repeatable results with many assets in mind. Be wary of other processing solutions that tout faster processing speeds. They are typically trading accuracy for speed, therefore reducing the quality of your final project.
Once your files have been uploaded and we’ve processed them, you’ll receive an email notification that contains a download link for you to retrieve the finished project. Please download your finished project as soon as you can. For Essential plans, we’ll store your files for 7 days after we’ve completed processing them. Advanced plans are stored for 14 days after processing, and Professional plans are stored for 30 days after processing.
With our Essential plan, we’ll store your finished files for 7 days after we’ve completed processing them. Advanced plans files are stored for 14 days after processing, and Professional plans are stored for 30 days after processing.
Not currently, but LiDAR processing is on our future product roadmap. If you’re an Enterprise customer and need an immediate LiDAR solution, please get in touch with your account contact or reach us at sales@modtechlabs.com.
Not currently, but upcoming integrations will include Maya, Unity, Adobe Creative Suite, Unreal Engine, Houdini, and more.
Yes, we do! To learn more about licensing, prices, and more, please contact sales@modtechlabs.com.
Yes. Our API is available to both Professional and Enterprise plans.
We are working on plugins for these cloud services to make your workflow more manageable, but they are not currently available.
Yes. Please send your feature requests to hello@modtechlabs.com.
Sure, we’re happy to help. Send us a message at support@modtechlabs.com and a member of our customer support team will be happy to help.
Feel secure knowing that each 3D model, image, and data set are uploaded through a private, secure portal. Plus, our data center is certified across multiple industries.
We use a private cloud to store, process, and host your files. Our private cloud consists of cloud computing resources used exclusively by our organization. Our servers and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network and the hardware and software are dedicated solely to MOD.
Your work is your work. We never show, keep, or save your projects without your permission.
Our privacy policy can be read here. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice or our practices with regards to your personal information, please contact us at hello@modtechlabs.com.
Founded by Alex and Tim Porter in Austin, TX, MOD Tech Labs develops and offers a full suite of photogrammetry and volumetric video software. Our platform is used by a variety of companies and industries and gives digital media creatives the power to bring immersive content to life faster and more affordably than ever before. We’re an alum of the Sputnik ATX Accelerator program and have worked with companies such as Intel and Nvidia. We’ve had the opportunity to speak at SXSW, and SIGGRAPH and have been featured in The New York Times. See our About Us page for more information.
Yes, we do. We have recently consulted with studios and production companies to create a variety of capture rigs. We help clients create optimized captures that are ready for processing and final edits. To learn more about how we can help with your next project, please contact sales@modtechlabs.com.
Yes, we currently have an app for both iOS and Android devices. With MOD 3D Scanner, you scan and view 3D objects, environments, products, and people with your mobile device. Our AI-powered solution then automatically processes your scans in the cloud making quick work out of mesh generation, texture optimization, point cloud cleanup, and more. Find out more and download AR on our app page.
MOD 3D Scanner is a free app download for both iOS and Android devices. With MOD 3D Scanner, you scan and view 3D objects, environments, and people with your mobile device. To use our AI-powered automated tools, you must sign up for one of our subscription plans. Plans start as low as $20/month.
MOD 3D Scanner is different from other 3D scanning apps. We use powerful AI to help you create, edit and view models, structures, and characters. Our tools take the tedious work out of generating meshes, cleaning point clouds, color correcting models, and optimizing textures by automatically processing your scans in the cloud - and in mind-blowing time! Features include: - Automatic mesh generation in just one click! Our AI can streamline remeshing and mesh decimation, saving you time and headaches. - Texturing workflows that are up to 99% faster. Speed up 3D textures, secondary maps, texture optimization, and reprojections. - View 3D models on any device or program. - Full Sketchfab integration - automatically upload your models to your Sketchfab account. - Universal file outputs (obj, fbx, alembic, + more) for any device, program, or operating system, including Maya, Autodesk, Blender, Adobe, and more. - Generate 3D models and optimize point cloud data for easy web viewing, including Sketchfab, NIRA, glTF, and GLB. - Other features include point cloud to mesh, voxelization, color correction, point cloud cleanup, and more. Download MOD 3D Scanner for both iOS and Android.