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Using custom-built scripts, servers, and Machine Learning systems, our tools automate many of the repetitive production tasks popularly used in the entertainment industry for visual effects. Through a secure, private web portal, you upload any type of video, photo, or model and our powerful, automated tools turn it into a scene-ready asset that integrates into any program, platform, or device—fitting seamlessly into your existing workflow.
Only pay for the processing you need—then the assets are yours. No hidden licensing fees.
Photogrammetry (cost per asset)
  • Small (<1GB) = $75
  • Medium (<3GB) = $150
  • Large (<10GB) = $300
  • X-Large (10GB+) = $500
  Volumetric Video (cost per minute at 30fps)
  • Small (<100GB) = $3,000
  • Medium (<150GB) = $3,500
  • Large (<200GB) = $4,000
  • X-Large (200GB+) = $6,000
All values ($) are in USD.
The majority of our competition use older, traditional processing solutions. Advisers on our Board have founded some of the most advanced Machine Learning companies on the planet. Applying these advancements in Machine Learning and AI to visual effects processing, we increase processing speeds by 98%, leaving traditional solutions in the dust.
Our proprietary Cluster in Queue™ (CQ) Processing allows systems to share resources and split up any project into its most basic parts. This removes any bottleneck within our processing pipeline which means assets are completed 98% faster than typical linear processing solutions.
From the initial image analysis to final optimization of assets—there isn’t a section of our process that doesn’t involve some form of Machine Learning. We use Computer Vision to detect points of interest, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate point clouds and meshes, and even advanced, automated processes to perform color correction, noise reduction, and other common post production tasks.

Right now we accept video files (.mp4) for volumetric video processing. We accept image files (.jpg) for photogrammetry.

For photogrammetry, we output .OBJ and .JPEG files. For Volumetric Video, we output .OBJ sequences. These scene-ready, open file types can then be used in any program, platform, or device—Unity, Maya, etc.—fitting seamlessly into your existing workflow.
Once you have signed up for an account, simply submit a new project form on your "Projects" page. You will then receive an email with instructions to simply and securely upload your files.
Several good shots include:
  • Set extension
  • Crane shots
  • Green screen shots
  • Any shot where a digital double is needed
  • Any shot that might have a shot angle change
This is very dependent on the shot, desired results, and project budget. However, you can learn best practices to get started with our free Volumetric Video Capture Quick Start Guide. We're experts in capture technology and are more than happy to consult on any rig configuration (consulting fees apply). We're here to help—email us at hello@modtechlabs.com for the free Capture Quick Start Guide or to inquire about consulting!
We use our own private, secure servers. Currently, we have almost 30 servers, 500 CPUs, 2 TB of RAM, and 1/2 a PB of drive space. Rest easy knowing that files and data are always safe and secure.
We do. At this point, we have consulted with studios and companies to create a variety of capture rigs and assisted in the conversion of many more.
At this point in time, we are creating an API based on client feedback. If you have requests for this API, please submit via the "Feature Request" form found under your "Account" menu when logged in.
Yes, we do! If you want to learn more about licensing prices, etc. please email hello@modtechlabs.com.
Our proprietary processing solution is created for accurate and repeatable results with many assets in mind. Other processing solutions (such as Reality Capture) often trade that accuracy for speed, therefore reducing asset quality and accuracy.
We have several different web visualizers including Nira, Sketchfab, and are creating a Web AR playback system of our own as we speak!
We do! If you send an email to hello@modtechlabs.com with your referral's information—and they then sign up and submit a project—you will receive upwards of $5,000 USD worth of credits!
Please email hello@modtechlabs.com with any further questions or comments. We value your feedback! We will get back to you within two business days.